Know Your Vendors

Name of business:
A Sense of Bride – Ester Gonzalez (owner)

When was your business established? 
June 2010

What wedding services do you offer? 
Wedding planning /coordinator -Linen rentals – wedding decor rentals


What inspired you to start your business? 
There is something about seeing a young girl’s long time dream come to reality. I love the excitement in the air. Knowing that this is a covenant between two people and God. That really excites me !

What makes your business unique? 
I believe that my business stands out because we are innovative and we like fresh ideas. Trying new and different decor ideas is my specialty. I love to create new original designs. Brides now a days like to put their own stamp on thief special day. I pay special attention to details.

What is your business motto/slogan/mission? 
My mission is to see the faces of happy brides. Knowing that I was trusted with such a special day in their lives is such an honor.

Do you have employees/staff/team?
I have an amazing staff. I could not do this without them. I do have to say that even though my hubby is not part of my staff he is truly my support. He helps me succeed.

Three words to describe your business: 
innovative- integrity – Passionate

What is your favorite season for your business and why? 
All year round. Every season has its unique touch and feel. I love it !!

What else do we need to know about your business? 
Our business has lots of complimentary services when you hire us.

Do you cry at weddings? 
Absolutely ! I get butterflies in my stomach.

What is your absolute favorite part of wedding celebrations? 
There are so many favorite parts it’s so hard to pin point. I love to see the Bride and Groom lose themselves in their first dance. It seems like they are in their own world.

Do you prefer your cake naked or dressed? 
Either one. It’s cake !!! Dressed or not. Ha!

Rapid fire words – sound off!
Puts God first , loves to laugh , enjoys chick flicks , LOVES spending time with family
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