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Name of business:
Tiny Weddings – Kristie Carpenter (owner)

When was your business established?
June 2016

What wedding services do you offer?
One-stop shop for a small, simple wedding

What inspired you to start your business?
Wanting to help couples have a memory – not just a Justice of the Peace ceremony

What makes your business unique?
We have it all – the officiant, flowers, cake, champagne, music, venue, and even some picture taking! We also include a pre-wedding consultation and offer a pre-marital counseling package.

What is your business motto/slogan/mission?
When you just want to keep it simple

Do you have employees/staff/team?
Dan Carpenter is the officiant and my main man!

Three words to describe your business:
Easy, pretty, special

What is your favorite season for your business and why?
Spring and Fall will be awesome due to more favorable weather conditions but we have fans and shade and alternate areas on the property to conduct the ceremony if the weather turns too unbearablel

What else do we need to know about your business?
I wanted to start this business to give couples an opportunity to have a special, beautiful wedding without breaking the bank.

Do you cry at weddings?
Of course!

What is your absolute favorite part of wedding celebrations?
Watching the groom’s face … the pride and joy of seeing his bride!

Do you prefer your cake naked or dressed?
Probably naked because I tend to swipe off the frosting on a cake anyway!

Rapid fire words – sound off!
Mother of four. Southern Engineering Domestic Diva. Wine. Sushi. Live, Laugh, Love. Marriage advocate and coach. Jesus first; God always. Blended Family Mom. Keep it Simple!

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