Bridal Tips and Tricks

Are you in the process of planning your wedding reception?  Are you praying you don’t forget anything?!  Ester, with A Sense of Bride, has brought her expertise as a wedding planner to the table…and is offering a few Tips and Tricks to share!
Lighten up the Guest list
The Easiest way to trim your wedding budget is to keep a tightly defined guest list. Half of wedding expenses go toward your wining and dining.
Never have a “GUESS” List
Nail down the approximate number of guests you’ll invite before settling on a venue. This will help ensure you have plenty of space for your wedding party.
Always have a PLAN B
It’s not uncommon that a guest slips out early when facing a super hot Summer day or worse. We know West Texas heat can get pretty bad.  And weather is always unpredictable.
Ask for Help or Hire a Planner ( Preferably A SENSE OF BRIDE) 
Putting together a wedding  is not as  simple as you think. So many details go into it. It’s the small things that make the big things work. Hiring a planner will allow you to not stress about those little things.  A good wedding planner will make sure things get done.
You get What you pay for
Remember that hiring professionals is critical for a successful wedding.  Example: Your cousin may be a good photographer but if he/she do not have the experience they could ruin your photos !! That is the only thing you have left to remind you of your special day.
Other Duties as Assigned.
Bridesmaids want to feel like they are contributing to help your day be successful.  Give them duties. Example: Make sure one is responsible for keeping vendors phone numbers in case of emergencies. Another, have her be responsible for taking your bouquet home….
Don’t stress about the little things.  Let others worry about that.
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